You Can’t Eat Salted, Roasted Peanuts In Bed

Or at least you shouldn’t. It is humanly possible, but the keyboard is a mess after one nut.

Now pistachios are another story, until one shell escapes and Alice decides to suck all of its salty goodness off, leaving a slimy lump. At the end of the day I happily retire to my sanctuary to write or read. After being on my feet all day, being prone is such a luxury. Regardless of how good dinner was, by about 8:30 I get the munchies, though not because of any substance use or abuse.  Maybe it is just an old habit, but I crave salt and love the delightful crack of opening fresh roasted pistachios.

During our grocery store strike, I couldn’t find my usual brand and refused to pay the inflated prices for a different bag. Roasted peanuts should be just as satisfying and were so cheap. I don’t recommend it.

There are no life lessons here, no pithy wisdoms, just a rather naked view into the life of a slightly crazy, almost 60-year old woman who lives with too many animals…IMG_0180



10 thoughts on “You Can’t Eat Salted, Roasted Peanuts In Bed

  1. 😉 And as for the bits you missed that get you in the middle of the night when you really don’t want to wake up and then you have to.., and then you have to get up because you’re worried if you don’t more disaster…..

  2. I love pistachios! When I was growing up, every year for Christmas, my grandparents would buy me a 2# bag of them. Of course back then, they were the ones dyed red. Pink lips and fingers for weeks! You haven’t seen a dog enjoy a nut until you’ve seen Diesel eat a walnut! He cracks it open, eats the meat and leaves me a slobbery pile of shell.

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