To Health and Happiness

Cooking demo number 6. A twist on our usual approach. We had a speaker at the store – Douglas Miller RN, MPH and CDE,  from a hospital in neighboring Massachusetts.

Our press release read:

Doug has worked as a registered nurse for 35 years. He has gained experiences in a variety of healthcare settings including a Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (Children’s Hospital, San Diego), and an Adult Cardiac Telemetry Floor (HealthAlliance Hospital, Leominster, MA). For 20 years he was the CEO of a home health care company serving citizens in the greater Acton, MA region (CompreCare, Inc.) It was in this home care setting that Doug began to understand what people were routinely eating as he set about preparing meals for his elderly clients.
In 2008 Doug began work as a diabetic educator at Heywood Hospital in Gardner, MA It was in clinical sessions with his diabetic clients that Doug began to understand that many people with diabetes either had never learned or had lost the skill of knowing how to prepare healthy foods in their own homes.

In September, 2009 Doug began the ‘Diabetic Cooking Class’. These cooking classes meet monthly, throughout the year. Doug is quick to point out that he is not classically trained as a chef. However he has developed and refined over the past 5 years the skills and recipes to teach people how plan, shop, and cook a healthy meal, in their own homes.

Many of our customers, no, actually many americans in general, have health issues related to diabetes. According to

“Diabetes was the seventh leading cause of death in the United States in 2010 based on the 69,071 death certificates in which diabetes was listed as the underlying cause of death. – See more at:”

The statistics are horrifying, but that is not what this post is about. What was the best part of this day was seeing disparate people from all walks of life, coming together for a simple discussion of a common issue. My most wonderful hair-care-giver, Jen arrived showed up. Customers I see regularly crowded in and soon that comfortable hum of voices and the music playing made the atmosphere happy.

DSC_7798 DSC_7804

Doug proved an engaging and enthusiastic speaker. I sneaked in to try to capture a few shots and found myself captivated by his comfortable style and the fun information he was sharing about changing your lifestyle…”only fill a small bowl with all those pistachios so you actually have to get up and walk to the kitchen during which you will think about how you probably don’t need any more pistachios…”

We are blessed in that the last two cooking demos have been with chefs and speakers our customers introduced to us. I have never had such great help marketing a company!

We were able to use our new space – the little store is becoming comfortable in its next phase of growth. Kim and I made salads the night before – a green and a fruit. We had chairs so folks could relax. Our only mistake was underestimating the number of people who showed up. Soon it was standing-room only. Not a bad problem to have!


12 thoughts on “To Health and Happiness

  1. Hey, ever think of videoing your guest chefs/speakers and running a clip on the store website? I bet a lot of folks would love access to cooking techniques from the chefs and a “follow along” cooking class/lvideo and lessons from speakers….They in turn can say “as seen on…..” !!! Standing room only ! How great is that?

  2. Felt a little guilty reading about the pistachios, I must admit. Tasty little suckers, aren’t they?

    My son is diabetic so this was of special interest to me. Within the last few years, after trying in vain to gain weight (oh, to have such a problem!) by eating two or more cheeseburgers at every meal (the kids has a hollow leg, I’m telling you!), he learned his cholesterol was sky-high and now eats much more healthfully.

    I’m interested in learning more about your store. You own a shop of sorts?

    • Thanks Julie. I am blessed to have friends who started the oil and vinegar store and asked me to manage it. World’s best bosses. They built the wonderful sandbox, and I get to play in it!

      As to eating everything to try to gain weight? That’s me all over. I don’t have cholesterol issues or diabetes, just always been skinny. But skinny can be as much of a curse as over-weight.

  3. It sounds like a great event. My mother in law had diabetes and failed miserably at controlling her diet. Needless to say it was a big contributer to her death. We live in a society where it’s all too easy to buy pre packaged rubbish and eat it day in day out so it’s good to see someone actively encouraging a healthier attitude.

    • I’m amazed at the statistics and how deadly the complications can be. It must be hard to control your diet without help or in a family where no one else needs to think about it. This was a great wake-up call and the presenter made it a bit easier to think before you eat.

      The ease of pre-packaged rubbish is so true…garbage in – garbage out was a saying in the early days of data entry and holds true for what we eat as well!

      Thanks Marie!!

  4. I have been looking for Doug and I finally found him. We worked together in the PICU at Children’s Hospital, San Diego. Please give him my email address. I’d love to chat with him.

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