November’s final blooms…

The sky is gray and mist shrouds the tree-tops, softening the edge of land and sky. Leaves are a leathery brown, only the conifers bring patches of bright green to the landscape.


One hardy petunia is not ready to give in to the chill and damp.



12 thoughts on “November’s final blooms…

  1. Your header pix is stunning. I like the big shot, too, but that narrow frame makes the white flower so dramatic. Looks like we’re all bidding the remnants of warm weather goodbye and buttoning up for winter.
    My favorite time of year in the woods. Thanks for the picture. Ahhhhh.

  2. Much like the petunia, I am not ready to give into the chill. I keep hoping for those 60 degree days of Indian Summer. Unfortunately, I think we may have seen the last of those days for a while. Time for “stick season”.

  3. We have a few brave souls here in central Iowa yet but they are few and far between and withering fast. Winter approaches. So be it. I welcome the change in season’s but snow and cold I can abide for only so long!

    Nice photos Martha.

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