Such a lovely, malleable word. It even rolls off your tongue gently. Squish, squash, schmoosh. These sound like things that are soft and pliable.

Squash are none of the above. They are not soft, welcoming or even vaguely friendly. They are the hardest vegetable known to man and the most awkward. No knife ever seems sharp enough or sturdy enough when you attack one of these beasts. They are mammoth compared to the lowly potatoes, beets, carrots and other roasting vegetable. They roll around in their hard skin, skidding off the cutting board and threatening to send the knife straight into flesh. You wrestle them in to submission and manage access, only to find slimy, stringy guts that resist removal. Seeds slither to the floor and cause your feet to skate in odd directions.

Squash seem to keep forever; all winter long you can find a good “fresh” squash. I wonder what enticed our early ancestors to tackle this food source? Their beauty is in their thick skin, rich colors and wondrous shapes.

That and the fact that once you have beaten a squash to, well squash, it makes a wonderful soup, a fabulous side-dish and one of my favorite roasted veggies. DSC_7931 DSC_7933 DSC_7937 DSC_7938

11 thoughts on “Squash

  1. I love squash. There are so many varieties and so many ways to prepare it. As with so many foods, I always wonder what made that first person say “Hmm, this look like something could eat.”

  2. First met them in Jamaica and then renewed acquaintance in Guyana. They really do not want you to peel them easily…! We’ve come to an agreement, if son is there he does it, otherwise chop into smaller pieces first, then tackle like splitting wood…

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