Once there were three ladies…

It’s not the start of a poem, a joke, or a limerick,  it’s just what struck me when I sat down to write this post. I couldn’t sit in my usual spot – it was occupied by an elderly cat. So I switched up my perspective and sat in a different seat at the dining table and saw things I haven’t noticed in a while.

Many years ago, I took my daughters to Jamaica. they were each allowed to bring a friend. chaperoning four, teen-aged girls is not for the faint of heart under the best of conditions. Add tropical nights, beach and shopping all day and very fit young Jamaican men with alluring dreadlocks and you have a perfect storm. That first trip I only ventured to the town of Negril where we had a great ocean front room. Five of us. It wasn’t until the second trip, with only one daughter and her friend, that I went back to where my first daughter was conceived – Lighthouse Park on the cliffs of Negril.

The first time I went there was 1983??? when I was escaping the cold of New England for the first time since coming home after years of living 7 degrees above or 7 degrees below the equator. It was much less developed and primitive back then. The electric lines had not yet reached that end of the island and the water  deliveries were infrequently. It was remote, tropical and a place to find oneself. I returned regularly for a while; an annual trek to see the changes made in the name of progress. The rutted dirt road was paved to allow taxis to bring the tourist trade. Electric wires were strung  and cell towers grew to bring the world in.

On one on these epic journeys to change my path in life, I bought a canvas at the “art village” in Negril. It came home, rolled and secured with masking-tape, to be stretched and hung. My three ladies, Lex, Hanni and I dancing our way through life.


Amazing what changing my usual writing seat will do for my perspective!

10 thoughts on “Once there were three ladies…

  1. What a great picture and some lovely memories too. I’m glossing over the park obviously, that would be TMI. Travel broadens the mind they say, even just moving to a different seat.

    • Wonderful comment Marie! I hadn’t thought of the parallel between travel and moving to a different seat for perspective!! Thank you!

      By the way, don’t know if you saw Terri and James’ post on Love Locks but I commented and referenced your post about the locks in Paris. They wrote back how sorry they were about your blog hacking…we are all still out here for you!!

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