Closed for the season…

Last week the temperatures plunged. Every day was bitter cold with wind chill below freezing. It caught me by surprise and I had not wrapped and prepared my hives. As I drove past them I said a small prayer to the queen to keep the hive warm and organized until I could help them out.

The weekend was warmer, and my mentor, Jodi from Imagine That Honey came out with feeding patties and advice. We quickly removed the upper supers, checked the sound and activity of each hive then gave them a good dose of food before settling the ‘bee cozies” around the hive bodies.


Placing the patties for winter feeding.





You might be an equestrian if you check your bees in your riding clothes!

All looks good for the winter, but they are bees. They will do what they need to do and I can only hope all will be well when I next check them. We always have a thaw in January. That is when the queen will begin laying again. Fingers crossed I will find happy colonies when next I pop open their tops.


9 thoughts on “Closed for the season…

  1. Not much different than what we humans do. We don’t wrap our houses, but we do close the storm windows, stock the pantry and settle in for the winter. Hoping you find happy bees in the spring!

  2. I enjoy these updates on your bees Martha. Given your temps and the length of winter, I’m not sure how any of them survive. But evolution has that covered I’m sure. Have a fun and decadent Thanksgiving! ~James

    • Hi James and Terri. A quiet Turkey day today. Finally got power back on and the generator turned off. Lots of fluffy white snow to contemplate…

      Hope your Thanksgiving was warm and bright!!

    • They should be fine, lots of honey and now some protein patties to help until the thaw in January. I managed to winter over my first hive last year and feel confident they will make it through again. Thanks Marie!!

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