Follow your heart…

Looking back at my first months of writing this blog I can see how life changes have shifted my focus. I was less careful with my grammar and word choice, more enthralled with telling stories. There seemed an unlimited number of topics to cover and I worked diligently each day on several posts; composing, editing, scrapping some. They were more photojournalist and less thoughtful, though they were true to the theme of: Therapeutic Misadventures while recreating yourself after 55.

Unemployment and a naïve sense of comfort with my financial situation made it easy to spend entire days searching out adventures, photographing them, and chronicling the results. I had the freedom to feed my addiction to the written word a stable diet of time and energy. Whether the result was worthy of rewards, it resembled being back in school and exploring options and delighting in new challenges. The growth I hope occurred has put me in another place entirely with this daily routine.

I fret at the end of the day, “Do you have a clear thought? A plan? What are you going to write about??  MUST Write!!” The responsible voice in the back of my mind becomes louder and more insistent.

“How can you call yourself a  writer or author if you have nothing to say? Just say you manage an Oil and Vinegar store!” It’s no Jiminy Cricket, that voice in my head. No cheery “Let your conscience be your guide!” from this negative troll.

Of the many other blogs I follow, reading and commenting as regularly as I can, there seems a more definite thread, a concrete theme. Marie writes of her walking, life in the UK and her beloved Commando. Allen writes of fungi and plants, climbing and searching for the beauty in small life-forms. Terri and James bring cultures and countries to life with their travel blog. Laura captures the quintessential nature of small New Hampshire towns in her photo blog.  Jo writes of her weaving and refurbishing an antique farm. They have all been at this a lot longer and write with a clearly defined goal. I envy that view but fear I’m expert at nothing I would wish to report on regularly.

When asked, “Are you working on another book?” I feel the guilt rise like the blush of embarrassment. There is a draft, there are lots of drafts, but the real answer is No. This blog may feed a chapter in the unwritten memoir but I am not diligently working as I did on the first. For right now I simply follow my heart and this path. As with all adventures, its purpose will be revealed in due time…



14 thoughts on “Follow your heart…

  1. You do something no one else you mentioned does – you write every day. I’ve been a bit stymied lately and haven’t posted a new town in weeks, yet you find the courage to write EVERY day. I enjoy following your story. Your daily ups and downs make you a real person – not just someone on the other end of the internet. It all comes in time.

  2. I know that feeing of “must write!” We’re so hard on ourselves, aren’t we? I waited so long to launch my blog because I didn’t know what to write about. I kept making excuses like “I’m not this…I don’t have a special talent…I need a theme.” Then I got out of my way and just did it. I write about what moves me: the wonder and simplicity of every day.

    I enjoy your blog. Keep going. Let it evolve. Be yourself. Namaste.

  3. I agree with Laura. Writing everyday isn’t as easy as it might seem and I admire people who can pull it off. As to content, one of my favorite blogs is written by a man in Scotland who calls himself Tootlepedal, and all he writes about is his interactions with family and friends, and what he sees on an occasional walk or bike ride. I don’t know what it is but there is something very homey and relaxing about it even though when you get right down to it he writes about nothing-the kinds of things we all go through each day. If you’d like to take a look it’s:
    You might find it inspiring, or maybe not.

    • Inspiration comes from every corner if you open to it. Thank you Allen, I have seen some of Tootlepedal ‘s comments on Marie’s posts Now I will follow up more diligently. Thanks for the inspiration, both through your blog and through this comment…

  4. I’m not sure our obsession with giving everything a label is always good. Some things just are. Your blog is interesting and inspiring and I love reading about your thoughts and adventures. I guess we all have doubts and days when we don’t know what to write, at least I do. The exercise of looking back through my hacked blog and choosing what to republish has been interesting, seeing how it evolved from one thing to another. That’s what it’s all about in the end, evolution.

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