I searched and I dug. I knew I had saved them carefully and privately. There in the bottom layer of an old jewelry box, they lay side-by-side.

Twenty-seven years ago I became a Mother; the true loss of virginity for the female species, no matter how it occurs. I started my quest this evening thinking I would look back on what else I was doing on this day over the past thirty years or so. That is a simple matter of reading the journals. Finding the bracelets, her’s so slim and fragile; mine so thick with responsibility, was a side track that became the more important quest.

DSC_8468I forgot about the journal entries and events prior to this day 27 years ago, as I stopped to contemplate those two pieces of our history.

I hope some day she partitions life as BM – before Motherhood and AM after Menopause…wait, did I just say that?? Seriously, I have always thought, well at least since going through the throes of parenting, that birthdays should honor the parent, as well the person who was born that particular day.

11 thoughts on “Firstborn…

  1. I have often thought that as well. After all, just what, exactly, did any birthday boy or girl ever do to deserve the sometimes over-abundance of gifts that are bestowed upon them on their ‘special’ day?

    Good post. Smiled as I read it!

  2. Becoming a mother is a huge moment in anyone’s life and something I think is never forgotten. My boys each have a book with their first pictures and milestones along with their bracelets and locks of hair. That day is a kind of birthday for the mother as well as the child I think.

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