Dreadlocks of life…

My hair is a rat’s nest of snarls, maybe I’m embracing my inner “Rastafarian” finally and it’s the stress leaving my body through my tresses. I barely take time to squeeze out a post each day, and the posts of other’s, I long to read and comment on, pile up in my inbox.  The poor dogs are desperate for attention, the cats are clingy, bills need paying and while there are funds there is no time. Laundry piles are high and the cupboards are bare. Tonight I hit a new low when I stopped for take-out Pad Thai and Sashimi for dinner.

But I have never been more energized. Retail during the holiday season is, as our landlord says, “Drinking from a firehose.” The hours fly by and I never watch the clock. I have no idea until the windows darken that the day is over. I go in to work earlier and leave later. Every day we note a new milestone in sales. It feels so good to be part of something so exciting. Smiles and thanks and good cheer fill my day.

So if I look a little disheveled and miss a post or two over the next week, I hope my readers will forgive me. I’m going to go pat a dog and make a long over-due call to a friend…


13 thoughts on “Dreadlocks of life…”

  1. Crazy Busy is a good state to be in…. however, for those of us who use your posts to reassure ourselves that you are indeed ok out there by your self, Ms. Bunyan, will be antsy until the next post…

  2. You caught the frenzy most of us can identify with in that first paragraph. Looks like we are all having to get into survival mode.
    I started out working display for a large dept store – we started Christmas tree decorating in August in back rooms. Working in a store during Dec is crazy, but a whole lot of fun – and it sounds like your store is doing so well – that is exciting.
    Great title. Enjoy the season (time to rest later!) Merry on!

  3. Crazy-busy does make the day fly by but it would be most discouraging and difficult to maintain that type of routine 24x7x365!

    Great photo!

    Oh. And I could use some of that energy of yours at times!!!

    1. My energy flags when I walk in the door. I’m comatose by 8pm every night. Starting today, we are open extended hours so it will only get more difficult to deal with the daily stuff. Time to hit the grocery store before I’m reduced to eating the dog’s food!

  4. Crazy busy sounds about right for this time of year Martha. It’s good that you’re enjoying your work though and it sounds like the store is doing super well. Take time for yourself and to rest though 🙂

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