Retail Madness…

“How can you serve cheese without crackers? Why don’t you open some crackers?”

Seriously lady? I am on my last thread of “nice” here and I’m not SERVING cheese, you are SAMPLING cheese oh and by the way? Where else in this region do you get to SAMPLE your food before you decide to buy it!!

“Why didn’t I think of that??  Well, we aren’t  actually SAMPLING crackers today!”

When did the holidays become a beacon for spending? I know I participated in this mindset in the past, guilty as charged…I certainly have a different perspective on it now.

One father was lamenting that his thirteen-year-old only wants a $360 new video game that is not compatible with all the games and applications he currently owns. Another mother was listing off her next stops on the shopping trail and mentioned The Cheshire Horse for her daughter. What to give a budding equestrian but a gift certificate? In each case, the initial purchase was just the beginning of the need to add-on. Expensive hobbies abound.

Happy Holidays!!


15 thoughts on “Retail Madness…

  1. ‘Tis the season. I can not brave the stores and malls this time of year. Between Thanksgiving and the week after New Year’s, I won’t set foot in most stores. If I can’t get it online, they don’t need it!

  2. Maybe SAMPLE should be in capital letters on any small signage. The cheese store here has a TASTING plate every week. I imagine they hear the same thing.

  3. lol, now you know how I would feel hearing about you and Hannah’s expensive eventing adventures 😉 Left her stop watch at home while heading to GMHA in VT (or some other envious horsey destination) so must stop and buy a new one 😉 However on the flip side those are memories you will share and treasure forever. Shared interests some parents never get to enjoy with their children. You are a rich woman in that sense. I frequently think about pictures I saw of your family on a hunt, what amazing times and memories.

    I am fortunate enough this year to share some fun (and at times costly) adventures with my son which wasn’t the case for the last three years.

    On the sampling/serving…love the entitlement mentality!

    • Hi Amy! Thanks for stopping by to read and comment!! I did have my years of conspicuous consumption, now didn’t I?? Happy Holidays to you and Dylan. Glad you are getting a chance to enjoy horses together!!

  4. I think that teaching our kids that they can get anything they want just by asking is a bad thing to do, but on the other hand I’ve been guilty of it too. If I don’t get them something I know they really wanted I always take the time to explain why I couldn’t get it.

  5. Seems to me the true message of the season is lost in all the rampant consumerism. When I was a child we didn’t have much money and the gifts were small and much appreciated. These days it seems the gifts are large but the kids are still looking around for more.

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