Peace and Joy!


A wonderfully glittery card from a long-lost friend, Todd Mitchell, the message so warm and full of memories. We are in different lives now. The New York, San Francisco, cross-country life of the corporate world is far behind me. I fill Fustis with oils and vinegars all day and wax eloquent on the merits of various cheeses. But his card, his note, his photo from St. Barts with his partner, all brought back a flood of remembered images of who I used to be.

I tend to mark the New Year more than Christmas as I age and the traditions of this season change. I will drive down to Newton to see my cousin and her family on Christmas Day. I was worried about the fact that I have not seen her daughters in about 5 years and have no time to shop between now and then. Oh joy! One loves chocolate and the other has more savory tastes and loves to cook. I’ve got this covered!!

Two months of the SUN magazine are piled up, I have not written a serious piece in a month. I crawl into the world of a favorite book every night instead of pouring out the words in me. Perhaps because of the profound frenzy of the store and how filling it is, I don’t have a need for more output?

I miss being home 24/7 but remember how routine and dull that became. Twelve months of growth and change and bees and riding. Twelve months of becoming who I am right now.

But Lord, I am tired and ready for a day of peace and rest…

Peace and Joy to all!!



6 thoughts on “Peace and Joy!”

  1. Just catching up having a few minutes whilst husband picks up my Mum and Dad from a different Peterborough. I gave up with presents etc a good few years ago, the family agreed to give to local charities or Oxfam etc (or in my case the toilet twinning!) Hope you have a lovely few days rest.Although I can agree that work is now energising – at long last! These busy times and re reading favourite books etc do charge the creative cells, we’re living life and will have time to reflect a bit later, because it will be needed and it will happen…Enjoy!

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