New Years

December 31, 2014 9:30pm

I sit on my forty-year old couch. We are old friends. It was the first “real” piece of furniture Roger and I bought while living in the Mid-West. Though it has worn many colors and fabrics through its life, and cushions its have been replaced, it still fits my body just right. I love the solid wooden ends; something that has endured and quietly accompanied me through so many homes and lives.

DSC_8594 DSC_8595

White, Haitian Cotton originally graced its body.  The white was soon replaced as It has lived through lifetimes of dogs and children. The essence of the piece has remained the same through seven places I’ve called home.

In contrast, spread out before me are the contents of my Memory/Gratitude jar. I broke with tradition this year. Instead of reading each one and placing it on the fire before moving on to the next, I spread them out. There, in all their glory are the moments of this year.

DSC_8576 DSC_8581

I’m always happily surprised at some of the things that warranted a note; some are weather-related, others mark birthdays and annual celebrations, and some are just little snatches of life that brought such joy.

It is particularly interesting to see the start-date of a relationship that has become, over the last 12 months, an integral part of everyday life and thoughts. Hard to imagine that person didn’t exist in my life ever before.

But then, none of the events noted here ever occurred before either. So that is my lesson tonight. The next 12 months will bring unimaginable joys and rewards. Keep recovering the couch and the things that get a little shabby along the way, and hang on to the solid ends which support you…

5 thoughts on “New Years”

  1. What a value for money piece of furniture! We are on our 4th couch and looking for our 5th. They don’t build them like they used to 🙂 I love you jar and the idea of your jar. Guess my blog is my memory jar.

  2. Thanks Marie, Happy New Year!! I’m so far behind on everything, which must mean something??!!

    I just realized the memory jar is like handwritten tweets. They are short and very specific.

    Your blog is a wonderful record of your successes and frustrations as you “walk” through your life. Love it!!

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