One of the most important lessons a child learns is to put itself to sleep; no nodding off at the breast, no lullabies until you slide to oblivion, just calm your mind and let go.

Adults who never learned that lesson must medicate instead of meditate. The need for sleep drugs, alcohol or other alternatives belies an underlying problem of “Lesson skipped.”

I have a routine, rituals performed, final checks made before climbing between the flannel sheets and quieting the day. I confess to having soft music but beyond that, it is my mind shutting down in an orderly fashion that brings on rejuvenating rest.

Unlike my housemates who seem to sleep at the proverbial “drop of a hat” regardless of the time of day or where they happen to be…

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10 thoughts on “Sleep

  1. I used to sleep like the proverbial log…not any longer. Toss and turn, very light sleeper as I get older. Not sure why, as this is the age I feel I need the sleep even more, but I suppose the body knows what it is doing….. Just wish it would share it’s knowledge! Love your warm happy beasties!

    • Getting to sleep never seems to be the issue, does it? As for staying asleep; need to pee, animals shifting and flopping about on the bed…guess those are all problems of my own making…

  2. One thing that has always amazed me about animals is not only can they fall asleep “at the drop of a hat” but also they they awaken instantly. Reach over to lovingly pat a sleeping dog and they are alert before your hand ever reaches their fur. I wish i was more like our beasties. I can fall asleep instantly, but awaken with every shift of my body and every creak of the floor. Unlike our pets, which seem to resume sleep on command, once I am awake, that’s it!

  3. My mind is usually RACING when I go to bed — and spending time reading others’ blogs or trying to perfect my next post or catching up on the latest on Facebook in addition to whatever else is going on in my life doesn’t help!

    Love all your furry friends. I sometimes wish I were more of dog or cat person! I think, perhaps, when I retire (and Bill is still working!) that I’ll get myself a dog. We’ll see!

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