Happy Re-Birth


Two years ago I published my first post. It was titled, “Under-employment and Winter Adventures.” I ended it by stating, “I suppose I should be looking for gainful employment but truth be told after 30 odd years of Corporate America I shudder at the thought of facing that world. I crave a life with creative output and so this, my first post is me “dipping my toe” into the waters of creative self existence.”  Twenty-four months and 522 posts later, I’ve done a swan dive into the waters of the life I imagined.

Finances have been a concern. Employment has eased some of the stress and I have learned to do more with less. I think I’m past the point of needing to “suit up” and head back to the corporate world. I’ve learned discipline.

The regulation of sitting down every day and putting thoughts together in a coherent and hopefully insightful stream has taught me to pursue a dream and the reward was being Freshly Pressed this year. Recognition is not a drug as much as it is a validation that I’m moving toward a goal. Writing is a solitary pursuit, as is painting or creating music. It no longer feels selfish to dedicate part of my day to exploring and pouring out what rattles around in my head. The creative juices that flow through me all day are rewarding and invigorating. I use the prior live’s knowledge of marketing in new ways with products I never knew existed. Cooking, bees, publishing, the retail industry and consumer sales are suddenly part of my life resume.

Thank you blog, for keeping me disciplined and creative…Happy Re-Birth Day to me!



15 thoughts on “Happy Re-Birth

  1. And to think all the drudgery of the corporate world was really just a place holder for your “life with creative input”, which was really there all the time. Waiting… Proud of you, Happy Re-Birth, Honey

  2. Happy Re-Birth Day to you! You should be immensely proud of yourself. So few people ever make the leap. If something in your day or life starts to get you down, look back at all you have accomplished and feel proud, feel happy. Love your creative process.

  3. Happy Milestone to you! I threw a shout out your way in my latest Blogging 101 assignment. I’d forgotten that how I learned of your blog was that I saw it on Freshly Pressed!

    And so – life is GOOD!!

    • Thank you Julie! If nothing else, this blog has allowed me to “meet” wonderful other writers such as yourself who are making their way in the blogosphere. What a wonderful way to expand my horizons…sort of like old-fashioned pen-pals!!

  4. Brava, Martha! My blog is almost two years old, too. And like you, after 30 years of corporate life, I do not miss it. Writing can be lonely, but I am happy learning and being creative in a new way.

  5. One of the reasons I started blogging was because a friend kept trying to talk me into writing a nature column for a local newspaper. I told her I wasn’t disciplined enough to pull it off, but here I am almost 4 years later and have never missed a post. She knew me better than I knew myself, and that’s just one of the very many things I’ve learned by blogging. Congratulations on two years. Before you know it, it’ll be 4 years.

    • Funny how disciplined we can be about something we thought we didn’t have time for. Your posts are fascinating and educational. You could easily turn them into a column for a newspaper! Congrats on four years of dedication!!

  6. Happy Re-birth Day to you Martha. Your blog obviously keeps your creative juices flowing, and that’s great. Terri and I both jumped off the corporate treadmill at the same time, and we haven’t looked back. Also, until we started our blog (3 1/2 years ago), all of our writing had been business writing. Our blog has turned into a wonderful, creative outlet for both of us, and it makes such a difference writing for pleasure for a change. ~James

    • Aww, thank you so much Marie! Without your kind words and support I don’t know if I would have kept going this long.

      The world is indeed a small place – here’s to the time we can meet in person!!

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