We put the “fun” in Dysfunctional!

I have a lot of sympathy for families that aren’t dysfunctional; if in fact, such an entity exists. As a familial unit we have weathered some pretty severe storms, though our little unit soldiers on. I had the unexpected pleasure of spending Saturday with my ex-husband, my eldest daughter and her new partner. I suppose there is a lot of social commentary hidden in that remark and no doubt the hit TV series “Modern Family” has something to do with the emergence of acceptance for slightly off-center definitions of the American Family.

Regardless, you reach a point in life where those small beings under foot all day are suddenly adults, beyond your clutches and impact. They are people moving through life in their own style and following their own paths. There is no denying I was blessed to have a wonderful partner during those early years. To be able to come together again, after all our personal disappointments, and laugh with such ease at simple things is my greatest reward this new start to the year.

I hope I’m right in thinking he won’t take offense if I post this funny series of shots. Lexie was expounding on something, probably explaining the twenty-year old “Labradorable” mug’s history as Jeffrey poured tea. Handsomest man I know and best of all, we shared some wonderful years. If ever I were to marry again (which is not in the cards, trust me on this one) and he would have me…




Four people who share not only DNA but a host of memories, though some’s recollections are vastly different on the details than mine. We find ourselves living four separate lives, these days. When we do come together it is with all our scabs and scars, all our secrets and nightmares. To remember that we four are the only beings alive who have the power to forgive, forget and soothe those pains, is what it means to be a functional family.

I searched for an old photo of the four of us… Someone had to hold the camera…


Then I found this later shot – no idea who was behind the camera on this one:

Arizona ’01


Yes, we have all grown so much…


15 thoughts on “We put the “fun” in Dysfunctional!”

  1. This is really great. I love the story and the opening line is one I wish I had myself. I am just starting to blog my Memoir which will be loaded with anecdotes about my dysfunctional family too
    You might find it amusing


  2. Rather a dysfunctional family than a boring one I think. Mine are a motley crew too but I guess that’s what makes us interesting. It’s good that you can remain friends with your ex, not often that happens.

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