Three weeks ago I lost three friends. Dahlia, Chocko and Belle left this world peacefully and with their own special grace. I was blessed to have a veterinarian who is a kind enough friend to come to the house. They passed together, in their home with Alice and I to hold and comfort them.

I was struck that evening when I fed Alice her dinner. The empty bowl my daughter had made for Dahlia stood silently in its usual spot in the kitchen – empty. I vowed to honor them all with a bulb in their honor as we healed.

Today, their silent paws echo through the house, I turn to call one or the other, then I see them blooming…


12 thoughts on “Three

  1. For what it’s worth, I’m sorry for your loss. The honorable bulbs are a great idea. My family and I recently lost one of our guinea pigs. We had a funeral, and afterwards, we planted a nana nandina on top of her grave. A tough, long-lasting plant. It was such a blessing to have our guinea pig in our lives, but the loss is still raw. Our other two guinea pigs have stopped calling out for her. I think they’ve accepted it, too. We miss her, but she isn’t coming back. Still, like you said, there can be beauty and growth from here.

  2. I never know what to do with their leashes, blankets, and bowls. Somehow the first two manage to find their way to a rescue group or shelter – saying it will comfort another and they would like that, but the bowls remain. I really like the idea of the bulbs. What a nice tribute and comfort.

    • The most fought over dog bed went with them so they could all “share” for once. Leashes and collars remain but I loved the idea of repurposing the dog dish as a small tribute. Thanks for wagging by with a comment!

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