Ubiquitous Storm Photos 2-15-2015

I promise, these are the last of this winter, no more bragging or “Oh My!” moments. But I couldn’t resist after the last foot of snow finally settled. The wind is staggering, driving temps with windchill factors down to the more than 20 degrees below 0°F.

Last night I put this first photo on Facebook in honor of St. Valentine’s day. My inspiration came from a post by Gallivance: http://gallivance.net/2015/02/14/capturing-hearts-around-the-world/#comment-37957


It was long gone this morning…



The bird feeders started out full. By mid-day they were picked clean.DSC_9012

Table For Four – dining al fresco on the deck anyone ?


I killed a tank of gas just doing the front walkways. That’s when Wilson made a rare appearance to help dig out the hives and finish the driveway.  Cabin fever abounds and even running someone else’s snow blower looks like fun for a short while.

DSC_9017 DSC_9023

Alice and I took a stroll around to admire our handiwork in the late afternoon sun that did little to warm things up.


Poor Bees!

DSC_9030 DSC_9032

Alice’s feet were not made for this kind of cold, she would be a lousy sled dog.



20 thoughts on “Ubiquitous Storm Photos 2-15-2015

  1. You New Englanders have really been slammed this year! It’s been 0 to -7 here in the mountains in PA, but so far we haven’t had to send out the St. Bernards. I wish you a hot cup of chocolate and a way to bust outta there soon for a little community time!

  2. Now that’s a heart, Martha! I love it. Must be a romantic with a sense of humor. And your snow photos are wonderful – and really make me appreciate that I live a bit further south. 🙂 Thanks so much for the very kind shout-out. ❤ Terri

    • I will be amazed but they have done it before. It is said that they can keep the nucleus of the hive at 90 degrees by banding together and drumming their wings. I liken it to dragging wood in for the fireplace…

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