Age is a funny thing…

I want to pick up the phone and hear a voice, but I don’t want to talk to anyone. I want to reach out, but I fear a compromise to my solitude. I am lonely, but not uncomfortable about being alone. What would make this better? What is the puzzle piece I’m missing? The ‘two-armed with arrow-feet’ won’t fit in the place of a ‘doubleheader’ or the ubiquitous ‘three-header.’


There is no one on the horizon so I think back to those relationships in the rearview mirror…was it that bad? What was so irritating? No, can’t do it again. For now, there is only me because I don’t understand my need. It is not for a life partner, life is more than half over and my most enduring partner so far, has been my sanity. I don’t feel the need for a mate to produce wonderful offspring of stellar genes. Have the T-Shirt from that one. It is someone who doesn’t exist because I am able to fill most of my own needs.

Apparently, lots of people aren’t so lucky. Am I really old-school or does this concept sound like 4th grade art class with the crazy, fresh-out-of-college art teacher?

NH Chronicle featured this hot new social trend. apparently, people go somewhere to drink so they can be creative. They featured a  Paint Bar. Apparently this is a hot venue for Date Night, Couples Night, Family Night, and Children’s Parties. Bachelorette and corporate get-togethers are also welcome. Beer and wine are served along with a limited “snack-sized” menu of small bites. An artist leads you through the evening and everyone paints their interpretation of the same image. You can even choose what painting you will create ahead of time on their event’s schedule. Cue Bob Ross, the guy with the perm that used to teach painting on public TV when I was a kid.

This evening out costs between $30 and $45 dollars per “painter” for two and a half hours. If you want to drink or eat, that is extra. the venue provides unlimited art supplies along with the instruction.

I surround myself with artwork, because I can not produce such beauty myself but I have enormous appreciation for those who can. My hands and brain produce words, not images. So I thought about what creative pursuit would drive me to socialize in such a way.

I can’t sing. I watch marvelous friends do karaoke in bars and I am in awe of their talent. Yet I strive for voice. I sing only when in the company of Alice and she immediately feigns an ear infection with much shaking of her head. To pay someone to instruct me in the art of voice while I consumed wine (presumably to loosen my inhibitions) seems a waste of money. I CAN’T SING!!  But if I could, I would belt out the lyrics to Joni Mitchell’s Hejira right now.

Age is a funny thing. I find my own company pretty comfortable, even when I sing…

10 thoughts on “Age is a funny thing…

  1. There have been a couple of drunk painting places around here for a while. It’s like color in the lines while you party but it’s ok and safe and “approved by spouses / parents” ’cause it’s art lessons, right? Not a bar!
    All I can say, is that artists have to find a way to make money and if it gives a artist a flexible job so they can create….only hope it doesn’t drain too much time and energy. Might provide some funny stories for parties (never teach where you live – basic rule)

  2. Sounds crazy to go to a bar, have a few drinks and paint something, but I guess it’s better than just going to a bar on one’s own – that’s if one enjoys going to bars. Personally, I’d rather stay at home and do something creative on my own without all the inebriated would-be artists around. If I need to hear voices but don’t feel like talking I listen to an audio book – I’ve always got one or two from the library in my car. Reading your blog-post makes me want to do a jigsaw right now. Maybe you’re right – maybe it is a sign of age…

  3. Maybe it comes from growing up as, more or less, an only child but I like my own company too. Being with people is good, I’m gregarious, enjoy a good chat and some laughter, but being alone doesn’t scare me and I don’t seek out company. In fact I’d find those kind of ‘find a date’ gatherings painful.

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