First Light at Last

What a gloriously warm and pleasant day to be outside, even if it was raking the roof. My neighbor roared up my drive on his 4-Wheeler with a plow (sort of thingy) to see if I needed help. He chatted about the bees, firewood, and his garden this spring. He left saying, Well, we certainly stay healthy with all this work!” I went back to wrangling the snow blower, cleaning up the mess his plow-thingy had created. Pete showed up with his truck to plow and sand the rest of the drive so I was freed from my hilltop.

For the first time in months I stood outside in just my long-john shirt and a turtle-neck; it was warm!  The thermometer read 28° as I dug in the snow up to my elbows to free various vents; heat, stove, dryer and radon machine. There seem to be many outflows with this house. Then I stood and shook it all off and never felt frigid. (Not that meaning of frigid!) Tuesday night the temps are forecast for 30° below 0 with the wind chills but I now really do believe it can’t be long before the vibrant greens of spring return.

I pulled into the barnyard and was met with naked horses rolling and itching in the snow. For the first time in weeks, the blankets were off and hanging on the fence lines to air. Night and I took a slow slog through the trails. It was hard going but she was happy to be out and moving. The sun was strong, the birds were singing and the woods were peaceful.

These are random thoughts and shots…


Sunny Shar Pei; Alice in a puddle of late afternoon sun. Hooray! The skylights are finally clear!


I call this one “Clear Deck with Mare’s Tails. The clouds were spectacular in the fading blue sky. Then an airplane flew far over head and I was reminded that I am not the only one looking at the sky.



Pines ablaze with the sun setting behind.




Tunnels cleared and blue skies abound!




It may be just the start, but a single day of warmth and sun brought the hope of renewal.

11 thoughts on “First Light at Last

  1. Love your posting of your snow covered hilltop and the warmth of your sweet shar pei in the sunshine. Not certain but it looks as if you have more snow than we have in the seacoast area of NH. A scary thought: when it all melts, where is it going to go?

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