Vicious Circles

“I want out! The dog gets to go out! Let me out of here!!” the cat demands, pawing at the glass door.

“I don’t GET to go out, I HAVE to go out. This isn’t fair, I want an indoor latrine like the cat!” the dog tip-toes far enough outside for me to slam the door. She squats and looks at me saying, “Seriously? Is it freezing as I pee?”

Finally, twenty-five degrees, a veritable heat wave. I toss the cat out. She starts to saunter, SUCCESS! Stops and starts hopping around on first three, then two legs headed for the door.

Less than an hour later they are both looking for the “outside” that isn’t cold…

January 27th at 5pm



February 18 



Same spots – what a difference three weeks makes!

Nota Bene: I know I promised on Monday I would stop (bitching) posting about the weather. Did I mention that the toilet seat is so cold and I’m not comfortable without four layers at all times? But it is Friday morning, negative 20° and I’m looking at another foot or so arriving over the weekend…see you Monday?

14 thoughts on “Vicious Circles

  1. Rant away – I think you deserve it. I lived one winter in Ukraine. They said it was the most severe winter in 50 years, and it sent me running back to California like a crazy woman. Freezing winters are no joke. Truly, keep the rant going as long as you need.

  2. All I can say is brrrrrr. The whole thing impossible it’s still happening dominates the brain.
    Hang on there! Ducks here seem to be discussing flight plans, and the early flowering trees like redbuds and pears are determinedly announcing it’s time for winter to leave ( although a front is arriving shortly – so we have rain – and another one is predicted for mid week…battle of seasonal wills – and the plants better shout louder!)

  3. I remember a post you did from last year, telling people “Seriously folks – you live in NE get over it – winter happens every year, what are you bitching about?!” If I were at home right now, cabin fever would certainly have me firmly in its grip!

    • Records have been broken, amounts of snow fall and coldest temps. Spring will come, Marie regardless of how it appears right now. The work of getting through the day with these challenges is getting tiresome…

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