I am finding I need bigger and bigger devices, not smaller. Who are they marketing that new Apple watch to? I can barely tell the time on my phone! I guess I am the aging generation but I’m about micro-minied out!

A strange concept all these devices that have worked their way into our lives. I am particularly aware of the impact tonight. Sunday at 4:30am Pacific time, an application apparently changed my iCloud password, disabling my email for the next 24 hours. I can still access the world of digital conversation, just not my personal universe. Like any well-educated person, when I discovered the problem and realized I was locked out, I immediately just went to another device, because, hey, maybe they don’t really “talk” to each other. Nope, every one of them refused to let me in.

That’s when I looked around at the devices I had at my disposal to communicate: cell phone, land line phone, iPad, Desk top system, laptop, MacBook Air, oh dear they are on every surface, staring back at me with blank screens. And? They are all ancient technology according to the advertisements!

I will get through the next 24 hours without private” conversations because I still have Facebook and my blog comments and connections. I will use the iPad for Pandora because damn it I can see the artist’s name and information which is a blur on my phone. And If someone really wants to find me they can pick up the phone and call my land line. So for now, I’m good!

Do I need a watch that is smarter than all the devices currently populating my life?


“We are Big, Old, and Clunky. Maybe you need something smaller?!?”

11 thoughts on “Disconnected…

  1. What a strange thing to have happen. I have a password minder because I can’t remember all of them. Remember when a 5 letter password was good enough? You couldn’t use symbols. Now they want a combination of letters and numbers, at least one capital letter and sometimes a symbol…ugh…Like you, I do not want a watch for anything other than telling time!

  2. Do you know I love writing with pen and paper… This lunch time I tried on my i-phone, it really is not the same and my fingers kept hitting the wrong buttons…but at the same time I love the fact I can squirrel every thing together on the phone…o oh I left it locked in my desk at work…how will I cope?

    • Thanks Cheryl! I know that terrifying feeling when you realize the phone is gone…I always wrote with pen and paper and have a bookcase of journals to show for it but now find my fingers keep up with my mind faster on a keyboard.

  3. I’m always forgetting my password at work because they make us change it every month. T chnology is great but it has its annoying side and I don’t think I’ll be getting a apple watch any time soon.

    • No more technology for me, Marie. I have a hard enough time with what I currently have to deal with. If I had to change my password all the time it would end up being “Password1,” Password2″ and so on…

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