4 more

Four inches of snow predicted. I have seen what lies below the snow and quite frankly? I am OK with something that will cover the mess. We have had a slow melt. That is as it should be to prevent flooding and destruction. I stand on my deck and listen to the water seeping off the back of the mountain. It is audible, as the bird songs, a gentle trickling everywhere.

That said, the mud and brown earth with no green to cover its nakedness is not pretty. The scars inflicted on the wooden decks by the snow blower and the shovel are deep. Add to the list, must resurface the decks this year. The branches that litter the yard and hang precariously from the trees are fingers reaching out to remind me of the work ahead.


4 more will be the proverbial “Poor Man’s Fertilizer” and maybe we can race straight into green…


14 thoughts on “4 more

  1. You were hoping for a slow melt so that is good news. We are just entering autumn (fall) here and we live under a couple of enormous pin oaks, so we are about to get 4 inches of leaves for the next 2-3 weeks. Similar thing, different material!

  2. How nice to have a Laughing Buddha on your property! We’re hitting 73 degrees here today and, like you, I’m thinking about all the spring cleanup work.

  3. Love your Buddha with his prayer beads. A snowfall is always gorgeous but I’m absolutely over sitting at the window with a cup of hot chocolate and a smile on my face. I think I’ve seen enough New Hampshire snow to last me a few months. Hope I’ll be out tackling some garden chores by this time next week. Then I’ll really smile…

  4. Even though I missed most of the “winter that wouldn’t end”, I am so done with snow and cold. I would embrace mud season if it meant warm nights and warmer days. I just had to light another fire in the woodstove, I am also done with that!

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