Shifting gears


Shift gears. Put down the photos and ad copy, the tight specifications and price lists for advertising. Close the spreadsheets of guests for VIP and Press events, and let the To Do list slide into the briefcase. Take a several deep breaths, close my eyes and wander into the next corner of my brain to be exercised – free writing time.

It was a gloomy raw day weather wise, not unusual for April. I splashed through the puddles to his farm thinking of last week when we were outside for hours with the “new kids on the block,” two-day old goats. It was tough day for him, mirroring the weather. His electric lounge chair refused to work, despite my efforts at crawling around on the floor, unplugging and re-plugging the cords. That is as far as my electrical expertise goes, I have a healthy respect for a stream of current.

A bright spot in the day was an early lunch with visitors. I sat at the far end of the table and surreptitiously watched him through the spring blooms on the table. He was so tired, so focused on the task of eating and staying upright. Earlier, he had started a story of his youth and we journeyed back to another time. His memories are rich and thick, flowing slowly from his mind like honey in the sun.

Climbing back into my car to head to the store my phone beeped with two voice mails and many calls. I took a few deep breaths, closed my eyes and pictured the next corner of my mind that needed attention.

The store was busy, as the rain pelted the sidewalk. I hurriedly unpacked my laptop to review ads from the designer and held down the shop while Kelly searched  for a particular photo needed for an advertisement on deadline.

Images piled up, calculations of size were considered. Text is edited and what is in my mind’s eye slowly emerges from the graphic artist’s renditions. I am a tough task-master and never satisfied. This isn’t The New Yorker, but I want every thing we do to have a certain feel and message. The marketing is evolving and I won’t compromise my goal for the WOW! factor, no matter that we are small potatoes on the table of the world.

The challenge of creating a story in an advertisement is alluring. I raced home and buried myself in the minutia, pouring over drafts, mock-ups and spreadsheets. Then, it is time to shift gears again. Let it all go for the night and write for me…

8 thoughts on “Shifting gears

  1. The marketing dilemma sounds so familiar. I worked in marketing at Dream Factiry (not it’s real name) and, as a niche tour operator we had a very specific image and no compromise allowed on perfection. Our MD was a great believer in the power of editorial too so we organised lots of things that would get us in the travel press, educational trips, road shows, awards events and the like.

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