Dressed for success…

A glorious Saturday dawned with warm temps and just enough breeze to be inviting. Alice and I set off down the road to the dump and grocery store with the heat turned off and the windows down. That is not to say I wasn’t wearing three layers. I  feel the cold profoundly more than someone twice my weight, and there are a lot of those folks in my neck of the woods. Even in the dead of summer, I’m cold in the frozen food aisle, so a polar fleece and sweater felt comfortable today. In my defense, there are still snowbanks along my driveway. (“Banks” is relative, there is still snow in the shady spots!)

Hardy residents in this climate strip down to the basics at the first sign of 50°s. I should have expected the flip-flops, shorts and sleeveless cotton dresses that confronted me at the grocery store. By comparison,  I resembled  an Inuit suddenly dropped on Miami Beach during Spring Break.

After errands Alice and I attacked small corners of the yard; pulling out the snow stakes along the driveway and storing away the sand bucket, shovels and roof rake. So much equipment that won’t see the light of day I hope for several months. As I was puttering around, my neighbor zipped up and down his driveway on his new 4-wheeler. He has an elaborate trailer for hauling dead branches, snow stakes and such, though I think his dog Jake prefers when it is empty. Jake makes Alice absolutely batty. He is a glorious black and white English Setter with lovely flowing locks – the Fabio of the dog world. Riding in the trailer as his hair blows back is his preferred pose. They stopped to say Hello and I commented on the fact that we were both wearing slightly pared down versions of winter garb. “Yup! Still got my flannel-lined jeans on, gave up the long johns today!” he quipped.

OK, TMI but at least I didn’t feel like an Inuit.

The sun dipped behind a cloud and I pulled my sweater tighter. Jake found a gray snow bank along the woods and rolled in delight. Even after a good shake, he was black with slime. Dogs have no sense of fashion.



Alice’s sense of fashion is also in question…

14 thoughts on “Dressed for success…

  1. I was one of those people out Saturday in summer garb. My feet were a bit chilly in sandals, but I braved it anyhow. I long for the warmth of summer and somehow by wearing summer wear, I was daring Mother Nature to put me in my place.

  2. I’m that way too — sweatshirts and turtlenecks from September to May! I absolutely hate being cold. Funny thing though, once I went through the ‘change’, I’m a little better able to tolerate cooler temperatures – but not by much! Beautiful shot of Alice, BTW!!

  3. What a great day! Lots of chores accomplished and I bet Alice got a nice warm bath. I’m still bundled up in warm clothes, too, but the youth of Exeter NH are practically in bathing suits. I remember being just like that in my younger days….

  4. If it’s any consolation, after the warm sunshine of last week it’s cold and damp here. I spent the last few days shivering and had to get my warm winter work clothes back out. Saturday is my birthday and the forecast is wall to wall rain. I’ve taken the day off but I don’t think there will be much walking.

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