The Day We Bombed New Ipswich

We are facing the fight of our lives, folks. Wake up!!


If you’re not caught up in the pipeline controversy here in New Hampshire or elsewhere in the US and Canada, you’re normal. Living your life. Not concerned about things that don’t concern you. Life is busy and hard, and we don’t have time to rally around every cause.

And there have been all these commercials talking about the need for more energy, and the cleanliness of natural gas. So, of course we want it. Right?

I get that. Until people I care about were directly affected, I was pretty much ignorant, too. I have books to write and a garden to tend and massage clients who need things fixed and family illness and all manner of things that lay claim to the too-few hours of every day.

But people I knew and respected were opposed—vehemently so. Out of respect for them, I got informed. I looked at both sides. And…

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5 thoughts on “The Day We Bombed New Ipswich”

  1. Having fought for years against fracking in New York State, we are now continuing the fight against pipelines and other infrastructure, as well as continuing to fight fracking in other states. The world can’t afford not keep digging up fossil fuels.

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