Winter Notes to Self…

Alice and I are having the deep winter doldrums. Three weeks without a job to go to every day has thrown the cards of daily life in the air and we are together, a lot. The following is the list I found myself writing the other night. I do love my lists…

  1. Check Pockets – stop running the Badger Lip Balm tubes through the washer and dryer
  2. Only move firewood when wearing gloves; splinters are unsightly and they hurt!
  3. The living room furniture is not a closet. Various coats, hats, scarves and such need to be hung up.
  4. Be thankful every time you push a button, open the fridge or turn a knob.  Those appliances make life earlier. How would you ever replace a washer/dryer/dishwasher etc. right now??
  5. Alice is muttering: “Give up cat box diving as an afternoon activity. That shit sticks to your teeth no matter how much water you drink!”
  6. Discharge static electricity before touching the cat!
  7. Hand lotion and moisturizer are your friends. Apply liberally. Repeatedly.
  8. Keep a glass of water handy on the mantle, some of the wood you are burning is lovely and dry. Dousing flames before they become too enthusiastic is always good for preventing a chimney fire.
  9. Make a point of walking outside every day. Not just dashing to and from the car, but putting one foot in front of the other and breathing deeply.
  10. Take 10 minutes to boil water for a hot water bottle. Warming the sheets first makes slipping into bed a joy at the end of a cold day.

Be kind, to others, but most importantly to yourself…


14 thoughts on “Winter Notes to Self…

  1. good list, each of them. Love the hot water bottle one! What a grand idea not practiced nearly enough. how about adding clean tub, fill with hot water, add Riders Reward bath salts, place candles around bath room and light, ease into tub and soak… for a long time. Oh, don’t forget the glass of wine…

  2. Love the list.. Alice obviously has it right…and if I had made my list properly I would not be dashing out on my lovely three day holiday to get the car MOT’d. I will not say online how long over due it is. Oh and pampering is great. I tried it this morning and put foundation on instead of moisturiser..the chalky look in winter is not great…sending a virtual viola – heartsease and daisy for enjoyment of simple things (-;

  3. I have to keep telling myself that winter doesn’t last forever. We do endure, and lists make it more fun and keep us going. Take comfort in yourself and all things around you that give you purpose!

  4. I, too, am a list maker. I’ve never understood the dog/litter box attraction, but I’m glad Alice contributed to the list. Time on your hands during the winter can easily lead to the blues, I’m glad you made your list to include both some outside time and some you time. Keep up the good spirits.

  5. Paw waves to Alice who seems to be keeping you on track HA HA. We’ve had 2 days of spring and now sliding back into fog, chill with rain and frigid close behind.
    The gloves are a great idea ( as I look at all the bushwhacking scratches all over arms…never remember in time)
    Love the warm sheets idea. Ahhhhhh

    • Couldn’t believe it was 50 degrees today for the first of February! Last year I was shoveling daily with no place to put it anymore.

      I have some elbow-length beekeeping gloves that would work wonderfully for your bushwhacking Phil!

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