Games People Play…


Roger Kidder and I always started our day with three rounds of backgammon. The winner determined who was going to have a “winning” day. Over the years we played so often we could read each other’s moves before we made them. Jeff and I were never far from our trusty cribbage board. It traveled with us on vacations and solo picnics prior to the arrival of Lex and Hanni. We wore out many decks of cards over the years but never tired of the game.

Although it would seem the world  is full of video games and online pursuits, I believe we all still enjoy a good game. Hanni and B are really far off the grid; they have no TV or internet at their cabin. The million dollar views of Mt. Monadnock make up for it and they spend their time in ancient pursuits like reading, making art, and playing games. Certain games are just made for two. My sister and I logged hours of Battleship. Others are better enjoyed with four or more. A rousing game of UNO often erupts in winter before the fireplace, Scattagories is a close second, and recently there have been bouts of Cards Against Humanity. While I highly disagree with their politics, the game is genius in its ability to humiliate/embarrass the players. It’s hard not to have a sense of humor and the more participants, the better. It may not be everyone’s cup of tea but the idea is we are playing games, no electrons flying about, no one checking tweets, feeds or speeds. Your mind, your skills and certain dollop of luck rule the moment.

Anyone for Scrabble? I’ll get the dictionary…



15 thoughts on “Games People Play…”

  1. I hope games don’t become a lost art….You are so right, great times and interactions. My family was ruthless with Parcheesi….even had house rules where there were no safe havens. I spent many afternoons after school sitting on my grandmother’s bed playing cribbage with her as well. As a child, I would drive everyone crazy wanting to pull out a deck of cards and play “Concentration” every second. Great memories, thanks Marth.

  2. I was glad when my children got old enough to enjoy playing cards instead of Candy Land. Even more thrilled when they turned more towards Scrabble than Monopoly! I miss those nights around the dinner table. Steve and I still play Cribbage every once in a while, but it’s so long between games I think we forget how much fun a quiet, relaxing night with games can be.

  3. Seth and I are big Scrabble fans but we don’t get to play very often. There’s a game night at the clubhouse but they only play Mexican Train dominoes and Mah Jongg. My suggestions to add Scrabble have fallen on deaf ears.

  4. Scrabble every time, and Rummicub. My husband’s family play Gant(?) no one wants to partner me, I am so useless (I think it is like bridge, whist…) My son loves chess and has introduced a club at his primary school

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