Have A Grateful Day

This was too well written, too apropos of today for me not to reblog…

Stephanie Raffelock

iStock_000015408259XSmallTo me, it seems like the world is going fucking crazy. I can’t watch too much news or my heart will break at how ugly and mean the national discourse has grown. There’s a fine balance between wanting to be informed and wanting to walk in peace.

I find myself looking for moments in which I can take a deep breath and fill my heart with gratitude. And let me tell you they are abundant. The idea of gratitude is not to escape the problems and pains of life, the idea of gratitude is to replenish so that I can, in some small way, make a positive impact in my world.

This past week, while on vacation, I went looking for a stamp, so that I could mail a card to my friend. You’d think that would be an easy thing to find in a resort town. Not the case…

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