Everything seems to move at underwater speeds. I have projects and fascinating new avenues opening on all sides. Are they the path to a J.O.B.? This path is a job unto itself.

If I want speed, I head to the barn. It had been two weeks since I’d thrown a leg over a horse so I promised myself at least an outing on Night before heading in to the Chamber office to work on Fireworks Sponsors…that’s a whole other post at some point. 8:30 is a quiet time at the barn; the chores are just about done; horses are out in their happy herds, grazing. The barn is ‘reset’ for the day with each stall cleaned, restocked with fresh shavings, hay and water. I brought Night into the yard and gave her a quick once over. Grooming in the summer is such a pleasure when the horses coats are short and slick. She is itchy from the gnats in her ears and along her belly so we spent lots of time just scratching.

I had no specific plan as we headed down the road. If we returned in time, I might catch-up Tiny Dancer and take her on the 10am Ladies Ride. Heather puts aside the chores of the farm and comes out with whoever shows up for a ride through the woods. This usually is combined with her doing a training ride on a horse visiting for some boot-strap restarting. Night and I marched down the road and turned up the logging trail to the neighbor’s woods. The ease with which we read each other and kick into a higher gear always surprises me at first. I sat up and let her choose the pace as we flew along the driveway.

I completely expect her to take care of her footfalls and will be as light as possible, guiding us up the mountain as the trails narrow. The Mountain Laurel is stunning this year. I have never seen it so thick and varied in colors. From stark, dead white to rosy pink to the rare deep coral, the hedges of boughs climbed the bony earth. We wandered

Night is kinetic energy focused and driven by an intense work ethic, Dancer is kinetic energy unfocused and searching for a leader.  To ride Night is to experience forward thrust and careful compulsions. Dancer is surefooted and keen but easily distracted when you take your eye off the goal. She is quick and very responsive to simple weight shifts and leg cues but has n’t developed that sense of follow through, that bond with a human that will allow her to relax into her sense of direction and picking the speed. that partnership of total trust.

As we traversed the trails toward the Big Field, eight of us came around a corner and watched a bouncing, round baby black bear scamper across the trail. Heather quietly stopped and instructed the riders to turn and quietly walk back the way we had just come. Where there is a baby, a Momma is sure to follow and no one wanted to upset her.

Dancer stood quietly but alertly looking at the scene. When we reversed she clearly wanted to charge to the front. I was with her on that sentiment, but knew we had to stay calm and I expected nothing less of her. She complied with a demeanor that surprised me.  Back at the barn year,  I slid to the ground and realized she is smaller than Night. “Shorter distance to fall” I reasoned.

Tiny Dancer

Off to shower and head the Chamber where I finished up the ads and press release for the fireworks. When I arrived home Alice reported that it had been a dull day. I wandered from room to room collecting and replacing fading blooms. Trips to the garden punctuated the process of preparing a chicken breast and salad for dinner. The light faded to a soft glow.

At the end of the day, wandering in and out refreshing the flowers was a quiet ritual that brought me back to the seasons and senses.

8 thoughts on “Energy

  1. Sounds like you had a lovely ride. Dancer will come into her own, she will become one with her rider someday. Fresh flowers bring a bit of joy into the day, don’t they?!

    • By this time of the season I’m beginning to wonder if it is all too much work. I replenish the flowers daily – there are so many small arrangements. But then I remind myself there are months coming all too soon when there will be none! Thanks Laura.

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