Dashing through the snow…

Sunday, post-blizzard, I headed out to the barn where I met two friends, +Lauren Riccio and +Steph Brann.  We all board our horses at Mountain Lane Farm, a mile down the road from my house.

None of the horses got out of their stalls on Saturday so they were more than happy to kick up their heels  through the drifts on the way to the hay in their paddocks on Sunday.  We caught our mounts and tacked up for the trail.  

Kristy and Hannah Pratt from the farm had been out late Saturday afternoon as the storm subsided and broken some trails with their sturdy ponies.  Though the wind had blown all night causing beautiful drifts,  we were able to see their path and with the help of Giant Baloo,  who “Baloo-dozed” ahead, we had a wonderful ride.

Lauren and Little Miss Blessing brought up the rear.  She, Blessing,  is younger and less experienced but very brave and threw in a couple of “YEE HAW” bucks to show her enthusiasm.

Hard to photograph from the back of a moving horse, should have cropped out my shadow in the lower  right.

One of my non-horsey friends asked if the horses really like plowing through the deep snow.  My response is that some are happier in the dry, indoor arena where the footing is predicable and the only surprise is when the snow slides off the metal roof.  Others, like the three who we took out yesterday, revel in the adventure.  Though I have had some spills, (picture a side-print snow angel horse and rider), most of our rides are fairly slow and controlled.  When you are out in the deep woods, you may encounter a deer or two, the occasional moose or bunny, but for the most part all you see are the tracks they have left behind.

Happy Trails!

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