Nose-prints and the Algae Eater

I wrote in an earlier post about the importance of light.  See my post of January 23rd, “Let there be light…”

Today dawned cold but bright, one of those winter days in NH when the sky is impossibly blue and all you can think about is getting out in the air.  Unfortunately, the wind took your breath away if you were out too long.

The days are also getting visibly longer. Yesterday,  at 4 the sun is still high enough above the horizon to promise at least another hour and a half of daylight.

So why is it that my house, which is filled with windows, feels like a fish bowl in need of cleaning?  The nose-prints.  I need an algae eater who can live/think outside the bowl.  I could just move it every morning to a new location and it could happily munch on the slime all day.

I live with 3 cats and two Chinese Shar Pei.  You would think the band of nose-prints and snot would be relative in height to the height of the animals, right?  Wrong!  Somehow these 5 manage to reach great elevation when it comes to creating a murky mess.   I can ignore the really low spots but with the aid of furniture strategically placed, they have now managed to schmeer the largest windows to opaqueness.  When the days were shorter and the light weaker, it didn’t bug me as much.

I went around the house, Windex and paper towels in hand, and wiped down the worst offenders – the skylights seem safe for the moment.  Suddenly, there is glorious, clean sunlight streaming in.


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