More Wisdom From Pumpernickel & Croissant

I just caught myself kicking ME again.  “I haven’t gotten one creative thought on paper or one beautiful shot on film today!  What am I doing???”  I hear myself scream at ME.

Then I stop and listen to the advice I just gave someone who is incredibly, painfully dear to me.  If you must go back and review the day/month/year/life, examine what you perceive as a time-sink and cast the light of creativity on it.  I selfishly spent two hours at the barn working with Night and riding with a new boarder.  She is fun and interesting – the boarder, and Night finally did tune in to me and our movements were fluid as a mountain stream.

I took my favorite Grandpa Bob to Peterborough for lunch and errands.  He is peaceful and though sometimes he feels confused – it never panics him.  “Well!  I just do what I’m told and life is good.”

I reached out and touched and was touched by little scraps of people’s lives and felt calm and contented.

As for the writing and photography, I need time in the world of the senses,  to see the shot or write the words.

Every time I stop and forgive myself for some imagined injustice imposed upon my list of goals, it gets easier to do the next time.  And remarkably, the list does get done.

More Wisdom From Pumpernickel and Croissant –

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