Faded Photographs

This week has been an all-out push to get my novel out the door.  Edits are pouring in and I’m working to tighten up the layout of the chapters.

An integral part of the story is the photos from that time of my life.  I have been sifting through hundreds of prints and slides shot over thirty years ago.  The photos all have to be digitized and will appear as black and white.  This means scrutinizing every choice, no matter how much I may love it, and rejecting many that just won’t translate well.

I found a store in Keene, Monadnock Imaging http://www.monadnockimaging.com/, that specializes in restoration and digitizing of old photos.  The manager has worked with me to sort through my choices.  Some of the Kodachrome slides are falling out of their frames and most of the prints are yellowed.

Watching these tangible memories come to life again has been exciting.  Here are a few of those shots:

I was the only female working at the race track in Trinidad

Tea plantation, Puncak Pass, Java Indonesia

Restoration of the Borobudur Temple, Central Java

I look forward to sharing the finished product with you.  This has been a wonderful journey through time.

2 thoughts on “Faded Photographs

  1. I can only imagine all of the memories this must have brought back for you, between the writing and sorting through all of the photos. I know how lost I can get in the memories brought back by going through old pictures. What treasures memories are!

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