Lassa’s journey

There’s a fat, Norwegian Fjord pony at the barn.  His owner tragically died a year or so ago and he was left in the wonderful care of Mountain Lane Farm (MLF)  Fjord horses are one of the world’s oldest and purest breeds.

Lassa is just one of those horses who needs one human of his own.  It’s not that he is troublesome or naughty, he just makes it plain that work is good, work with one person would be better.

My sister, Zanne rode him on a trail while she was here last fall.  Of course, his good looks had her at “Hello,” but beyond that she saw what he needed – a forever home.  Over the past few months she worked with MLF to ship him across the country to her new home at White Stallion Ranch in Tucson, Arizona

Lassa will board a trailer the end of this week.  He doesn’t know that he is going, of course, but the planning and anticipation is bubbling across the Internet.

Fan’s of the White Stallion Ranch on FaceBook are weighing in on the excitement.  Fan’s at MLF are equally vocal.

This is one pony’s journey from the snowy mountains of New Hampshire to the desert mountains of Tucson.

Heather, owner of Mountain Lane Farm, has been taking Lassa out for trail rides.  She is diligently trying to reduce his winter weight.  He is also in need of some serious shedding of his winter coat before he hits the desert heat.

We bought him a handsome new halter for the trip and set out to clip his mane in traditional Fjord style.

What a Fjord should look like.

After a winter in New Hampshire, this was a massive undertaking.

What we had to start with…

After a good grooming to loosen the dirt, I conjured up my best memories of the YouTube video I’d watched on how to clip a Fjord and set to work.  Big hair clips? Check!  Scissors and clippers? Check!

Lauren joined the fun and we soon realized that laughing hysterically was rewarding both of us with fine, itchy horsehair in our mouths, eyes and noses.
Lassa was very patient as long as there was hay in front of him
Unfortunately, the clippers finally gave up.  
Here is the final photo of the boy; all prepped and ready in his snazzy new halter and haircut.  Well, he looks a bit like the photo above now, doesn’t he?

Notice the reduction in facial hair?  The snazzy halter is a plus!

Can’t wait to hear of his arrival and subsequent adventures in Arizona!

4 thoughts on “Lassa’s journey

  1. Thanks Laura, his departure was delayed due to automotive issues. Thankfully they happened BEFORE he got on the truck. This has allowed him several more days to grind some NH mud into his lovely coat…bringing some of our dirt to his new home!

  2. Lasse is doing so well at the ranch and is now part of my herd. We have started working him on cattle and have already roped a few cows from him. I dont know if he understands or cares but he is game for almost anything. He is pretty funny to watch when he runs around the pastures with my quarter horses, not as elegant but he now has learned to run much faster.
    He is very stubborn but such a kick to be around when you know what you are doing, you can tell he would run the show if he could.
    So glad I was able to get him to the ranch.

    • Kristin, thank you for your comment. The boy certainly has a following, even back here in New Hampshire. So glad he is in such a wonderful home with friends and new jobs to learn. and yes, he can be a stinker if you don’t let him know he’s not in charge! Love the recent photos of his good hair cut.

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