Lunch With Three Mountains…

I took the morning off to enjoy a May Day trail ride.  The weather was cool to start; but as the sun warmed up, small gnats appeared and the sweet (to some people) smell of sweaty horses rose from beneath us.

I was starved by the time we finished up.  A quick trip to the Bagel Mill in Peterborough and I had my picnic lunch – Pastrami sandwich.  Rather than disgust the other patrons at the restaurant with my hairy attire and odd aroma, I drove to the top of a hill to dine alfresco.  This particular spot boasts hay fields that are just beginning to green up and views of all our surrounding mountains.

To the southwest is Mt. Monadnock ( Monadnock means “mountain that stands alone” in the Abenaki Indian language).  It’s elevation is 3,166 feet.

To the east, is Pack Monadnock and North Pack.  Pack is slightly smaller at 2,290 feet.  The water from Pack Monadnock drains into two distinct rivers.  On the east side it flows into the Souhegan River, which eventually joins the Merrimack River.  The west side feeds the Contoocook River which also drains into the Merrimack and eventually the Atlantic Ocean.  

And to the north, Crotched Mountain, a small, isolated mountain of 2,063 feet.  This mountain was the site of the world’s first wind farm in 1980.  The company went bankrupt and the turbines are gone preserving its pristine appearance.

Anyone up for a picnic lunch today?

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