Looking Askance at life

I think about how different my life is today.  Luckily, I have years of journal entries to remind me exactly who/what I was in the past.  From each of these lives and personas I have learned something profound.

So what am I learning today?  I am finding an inner happiness in the daily flow of setting my own course.  There are simple joys, in small events, that do not in any way relate to the fuzzy future photo I have in my head of what this time will look like in retrospective.

When the practical me looks askance at things, like taking the opportunity to spend time every day with my horses; the new me merely smiles and looks away.  If I can stop judging myself so harshly, perhaps I can stop judging others.

I am realizing, really seeing, the fragility of life on this earth.  Others have gotten the message all too recently when they awoke from the Boston Marathon to find they no longer possessed legs.

What if the whole of society slowly began awakening to the realization that happiness is possible.  It is possible beyond your wildest dreams if you let go of how you define ‘need’ and ‘want.’  You don’t need a big house unless you have five kids.  And, if you have five kids, that house is just a vessel for the joy from your decision to have five kids.

We all have those voices in our heads.  The ones that question: “Are we doing enough?  Do we have enough of the right stuff/posessions/belongings?”  The magical photo of the future may not be fuzzy, but is it accurate?

I just read a quote from Danielle LaPorte http://www.daniellelaporte.com/ that will be my mantra today,

“Be done with feeling guilty for wanting to feel the way you want to feel.”

Unless, of course, your are feeling cranky!  Have a great weekend.

Photo Credit – Martha Kidder

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