Wilson’s Recipe for Grilled Shrimp

The other night we finally had a lovely, warm evening with clear skies and no bugs.  My neighbor, “Wilson,” suggested we have dinner by his pond.  Other guests included five pair of Canada Geese, eight ducks, and his pets, Slinky and Chicky-chick.  The ridge beyond the pond was bathed in sunset glow and the smell of late lilacs was thick.



I had made an Asian sauce for the shrimp and there was corn, still in it’s husk in the microwave. Wilson’s grill was an interesting affair that appeared to be an extension of his welding rig.  We spread all our ingredients out on a battered wooden table on his porch.  I took a bit of exception to the variety of objects occupying the table, (chainsaw chains, oil, tools, etc.) and scooted most to the other end.  As I mixed the sauce into the shrimp I noticed a can of WD-40.  Lacking Pam spray or cooking oil, I wondered what the nutritional value of it might be if I sprayed it on the grill basket.

The meal was excellent and the best part was tossing the corncobs to Chicky-chick in the yard.  She picked them over, then Slinky moved in to devour the stumps.

Slowly the geese began to murmur to each other as they floated into position.  Their bodies all faced southwest as a breeze rippled the water and with one loud honk they scooted across the top of the pond.  As they swung up and around the house, they were chattering and calling like a busload of school kids.

The ducks sat silently for a few moments then six lifted off.  The pair who remained glided to a spot where we suspect they have a nest, and settled in for the night.

The frogs began their symphony and all was right with the world.

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