What I have learned

Last week I wrote my one hundredth post.  I took some time to reflect on what I have learned, since the very theme of this blog is life after 50 and reinventing myself.

1. There is no signpost to tell you when you have successfully achieved your dream.  The success is in living it daily.

2. People come and go in your life. That is not a reflection on you, so much as it is the ebb and flow of what you have to give and receive.

3. Surrounding yourself with unhappy worker bees will eventually lead to the collapse of the hive.

4. I don’t need money, status, inventory or a strict routine to feel satisfied.

One of my followers commented on my blog that cutting back to three posts per week would be “a slippery slope” and she is right. I was feeling alone and sorry for myself.  This is a solitary life and once I write something, there is little feedback.   If I have to dig for a thought, I am digging too deep for what has always just flowed out of my mind freely.  If I have made that into work, then the whole premise of my creativity is lost.

So I have taken a deep breath.  Read the wisdom of writers I admire, and rallied my spirits to do more, not less.  Not everything I write will be worthy of a public post, and some may just be too painful.  But there will be no slow-down in my output.

Love to know what you are thinking! And thank you for commenting.

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