I feel one of life’s kick-you-in-the-ass lessons coming on.  How ironic and frightening that I signed up for hospice volunteer classes a month ago, and a dear friend now faces a life threatening turn for the worse. 
I do not want to delve into the daily drama here; I  want to look at the big picture and what life is trying to teach me.  The time we spend here must have some meaning and some divine purpose.  If that all sounds like a bout of religion dosed with spirituality,  the fact is, this blog is about life after 50 and recreating oneself so let’s just get serious.  What is it that we all are supposed to accomplish or leave as a legacy (however humble)? 
I look to my daughters in their twenties and read my journals.  The patterns of life are somewhat, clinically, predictable.  Why else would books like Gail Sheehy’s Passages be so well thought of?  From a clinical standpoint, we all have to matriculate through the decades. 
While waiting in the doctor’s office today for my friend, I picked up and then “borrowed” a Time Magazine from May 20, 2013.  The cover hit me between the eyes, so to speak.  “The ME ME ME GENERATION Millennials are lazy, entitled narcissists who still live with their parents – Why they’ll save us all”.  Beyond the incredibly well written article, there was a sidebar I had to save.  The title, “Talkin’ ‘Bout Their Generations” chronicled seven generations from the years 1860 through 2000.  Baby Boomers, The Greatest Generation, and Gen X are well known but I found the Missionary Generation, The Lost Generation and the Silent Generation helped make a little more sense out of our desire for pigeon-holing and categorizing life.
So back to the current shit-storm about to erupt.  I think we as humans look for order and predictability.  It gives me a sense of calm to take a step back and say, “that wouldn’t be life now would it?”  There is drama in the life of bees, dogs, plants; everything alive goes through a metamorphosis.  Though I may not like it on the surface, the message is, “You are here to learn.”

Love to know what you are thinking! And thank you for commenting.

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