Blogging through the seasons and around the world

Hey!  It’s Snowing!  Who wants to go out and play in the snow?? Said no one this evening on my side of the mountain in Temple, New Hampshire. When I lived in Massachusetts and the girls were little, we called this “Blue Hampster.”  The reason has escaped me like so many facets of their “childhoodisms.” It is still, Blue Hampster.

So, let’s take count of this week’s blog line up. We had a review of the cooking demo (covered my lively and wonderful source of employment). We took a tour of the coast in search of creative juice and were well rewarded with frostbite and a runny nose. I even brought you up to date on the winter world of my bees. In fact, you saw a lot of me in that oh-so-fetching blue Cabela’s anorak this week.

The touchy topic so near to my heart was even addressed, aging and elder care. Seems to me, we covered a lot of ground this week. In reality the ground itself is still frozen solid and dangerously icy. I listened to someone comment they had peas planted in the garden by this time two years ago. The thought of Global Warming is a welcome pipe-dream in my pocket of the globe.

I find it interesting  to watch the seasons and the degree of severity of the weather, through the people I have met blogging. Marie Keates in the UK gives me a tour of her local parks and gardens on her walks. The progression of spring there is a wonderful tease. Over at the Gallivance blog Terri and James bring daily color as they traverse Mexico. Laura drove north recently and proved a seasonal change is headed our way up the east coast.

Cindy who blogs at At Home In New Hampshire, has been posting promising shots of her crocus pushing through the snow.  Alan, from NHgardensolutions is in a neighboring town, but his keen eye for the changes in lichen, moss and the micro world of life here, leads me to believe the days of frigid cold are numbered.

It’s a funny thing, this blogging universe. I look forward to those who make me laugh, Darla at She’s a Maniac, and those who make me catch my breath and tear up, Carrie Cariello who writes What Color Is Monday? I’m a neophyte in this world of forsaking all earthly delights (that’s a lie) for a life of artistic expression.

But so far, I feel I’ve found a home.

8 thoughts on “Blogging through the seasons and around the world”

  1. Sorry to tell you ‘maters, peppers, carrots, bush beans, eggplant and squash in the ground as of today….but you can laugh in August when I’m under the “death star”

  2. Thank you for the mention. Fun y, I was only saying to my son today how reading blogs opens your eyes to so many different worlds you would otherwise never know about. Thank you for I citing me into yours and for sharing a few more interesting worlds with me too 🙂

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