Wise Advice

Every once in a while, no, actually, all too frequently, I allow myself to be sucked into the vortex of self-abuse. I don’t mean anything terribly destructive, no blood, knives or drunkenness are involved, just the voices in my head. My mission, again, has become to sell my truck. I had roped myself into yet another scheduled visit to a dealership to be harassed and intimidated. Unfortunately, I’ve noticed this pattern of behavior leads to severe head-aches and the desire to throttle the nearest person for hours afterwards.

Then I remembered the wise advice I was given recently in the form of a comment on my post last week about stress

I’ve always spent more time with plants than people and if there is one thing they will teach you, it is patience.  New Hampshire Garden Solutions

I closed my laptop on the pages of used cars at dealers in a 30 mile radius, got in my truck and went merrily down the road to buy plants. Then I stuck my hands in the dirt and took a deep breath…

DSCN2814 DSCN2817 DSCN2818

12 thoughts on “Wise Advice

  1. I bet your oh-so creative keyboard fingers are loving being thrust into the dirt and creating lovely flowering pots for the eyes to enjoy. there is something incredibly rewarding about the hefting, digging, planting, watering, fussing, pinching, pruning that results in gorgeous, growing life. another nurturing exercise to satisfy our motherly instincts. I for one, who as you know can kill a cactus, loves fussing over all my potted flowering plants so painsakingly potted…in the cool of the morning, coffee in one hand, snippers in the other… perfect way to start the day, dirt under the nails and all….. your pots are lovely, btw.

    • Thanks Elaine, I love it too but time to be economical. I no longer need to pull a horse trailer every weekend and the gas mileage on my little commute of 14 minutes really does call for something smaller…as to gardening, it is the next best thing to bee keeping for calming me…

  2. I call it dirt therapy and it does work wonders! The beauty of it is it last long beyond the actual work. Enjoying them later, with a cup of tea or a glass of wine also lifts your spirits.

  3. There’s something about dirt, water, roots, and green plants that centers and stabilizes….maybe a bit of fresh air and sun – reminds that all living things have things in common perhaps. Or not – it’s just good to be setting things to right to grow. Nurturing in order to be nurtured? Sorry, a bit of a muddy view and idea.
    Anyway good choice of something to do – can’t go wrong with terra cotta and plants

  4. Now that sounds like a plan. Had one of those days myself. Drove home in my car. I’m still learning to drive (I have epilepsy so never learned when I was younger) and my car is very old whereas the driving school one is new. All was going well until Commando decided we needed to take a detour for milk. When it came to bay parking with a clutch that doesn’t work well I couldn’t do it. Commando got cross and frustrated. Tears ensued. I need a newer car!

  5. Giggling over this one, Marie. I have a back-up camera, beepers that let me know when we are getting too close for comfort and heated/cooled seats. I wheel around my little town in this gss-guzzling monster and Baby, you better be out of my way when I come through.
    That said, I give you my humble appreciation for learning to drive with a broken clutch. You go girl, (as the young kids say)!!

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