Peterborough Chamber of Commerce

I started this week out with a post about life at the store. It seems fitting to end the week with one; because it is where life is constantly evolving and interesting at the moment.

Business has picked up dramatically with the ‘leaf-peeper’ season which is probably in its final hurrah this weekend. Appropriately, it is also “Peak Into Peterborough” weekend with lots of hometown activities planned.


When the Chamber of Commerce called to say they had us scheduled for a ribbon cutting ceremony AND an after-hours networking event, I fumed. Must have been a hole in the schedule because neither  Korey nor I remembered signing up for this. On the other hand, we were there and there was lots to show off.


Deb was to cut the ribbon, flanked by Kim and Korey. First, we posed the picture facing out of the new space, as if they were ‘opening’ the room.


Then everyone did the crowd shuffle and the ribbon was cut with them facing out of the new room as if they were letting us in the new side. All very confusing, since I was  photographing the ceremony , along with twenty or so other iPhone photographers.



In the end, it was an interesting people watching/meeting/hiding-from-some kind of night. But I did that gig when I was the President of the Boston Chapter of NIRI just two short years ago. Giving up working for public corporations meant tightening myself deeper in to my shell of what makes me comfortable at the end of the day. Networking is not my comfort zone.

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