Let me take you for a ride…

Heart-pounding gallop down the dirt road. Not that there was any point of feeling out of control, just the knowledge that one misstep would be painful. Cutting through the old paths back to the main road, leaves carpet in yellow and red, flying up behind us on the hills as we run. The ground below is slickly muddy from recent rain, corners should be respected, we slow to a fast “marching” walk. Gaps in the stone wall must be jumped, you never know what rock might just tumble and catch a foot, though they haven’t moved in over a hundred years.

Cross the main road and head to the orchard. It is too cold for ground bees and we are moving too fast anyway. At the top of the hill, the town is laid out before us and cupped by the surrounding hills of fading glorious colors. Apples litter the ground and the smell of rot is intoxicating. The grass is long and succulent thick. We stop for a moment to catch our breath.

On through the woods to a neighbor’s field. We are working our way back up the main road, parallel but far removed from pavement. We burst out upon his lush estate and let loose again, galloping, gliding over the ground with wings, balancing for every dip and rise.

IMG_0002 IMG_0252 IMG_0258 IMG_0260


Let me take you for a ride…

12 thoughts on “Let me take you for a ride…

  1. Exhilarating! Makes me miss having a horse these days. As a youth in Louisville, Kentucky, we took “midnight trail rides” after huge summer picnics at a massive stable – entire families brought potluck and when the sun went down, we’d saddle up and head along the trails in single file lead by a rider with a lantern. Heaven. Happy fall!

    • Funny you should ask! In the winter if the footing is good, I pull her metal shoes and she is better off barefoot. If it is icy, we put tiny metal spikes in the shoes to provide better grip. Regardless of the weather, we try to go out year-round!

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