Circling round to where I began

Two years ago, I was living a very solitary life as I worked on my first book. It was a milder winter and I was on an austerity program, living as frugally as possible to allow myself the time to write and reflect on life. I was also only three months into the commitment to publish five posts a week in addition to writing my memoir. Words occupied every waking moment.

On my way home from work tonight I was thinking about circles. The very sound of the word says curves and turns, with its two “c”s and “sss” beginning and end. How strange that when I sat down to write before dinner, I shifted through my drafts for the week and felt uninspired. I pulled up the post from March 5, 2013 and found this:

The Circle Game
Posted on March 4, 2013
I set out the other morning to run a few errands in nearby Peterborough. It was flurrying lightly but the roads were clear and the traffic non-existent.

With gas prices rising again, I try to make every mile count. That being said, I also have an ingrained need to drive in circles. Some parts of every trip require retracing your steps, but if there is an alternative route that will bring me back to point A, I’ll take it. I also tend to drive really slowly as I am constantly on the look out for wildlife and photo opportunities. Both these traits cause most passengers to look for the nearest bar.

Today I took back roads down the hills to town. First stop was my favorite store, right up there with Talbots, Macy’s and TJ Max – Ocean State Job Lots. When we first moved to town, neither Hanni nor Lex would be seen in the marvelous place. Yes, it’s trashy. The people who work there and most of the shoppers look like they crawled out from under the cars up on blocks in their yards. But, I always find such great deals on stuff I didn’t know I needed! Today I was looking for printer paper, file folders and vegetable oil. You can’t get all those items at Staples or Office Max, trust me.

On the way home I wound around back up the hills and stopped to look at my favorite mountain. This is the Monadnock Region and Mount Monadnock is visible from most any high spot. In fact, I have discovered you can drive through 5 towns and circle the base of it. Each side presents a different view and those views change dramatically with the seasons.

Circles seen to quietly rule the world of shapes.  Dark circles form under our eyes. My favorite song is “The Circle Game.” We circle Want Ads in the newspaper. I do 20 meter circles for dressage. Dogs circle in their beds before the lay down. Pioneers circled their wagons for protection.

Be aware of the circles in your life that eventually bring you back to point A.


12 thoughts on “Circling round to where I began

  1. I guess, overall, I am not a fan of circles. I want an end, to start or finish somewhere new. Circles imply a lack of progress,reliving past moments. I want/need everything to be new.

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