Time well spent…

“Oh dear! Oh Shit! Oh not good…”

“Jen, you’ve been my hairdresser for fifteen years, we have vacationed together, partied together and you are saying this when I am at my most vulnerable!?” Eyes closed, head tilted back into the shampoo sink I was helpless.

“We have a color malfunction here. This is going to take some doing…”

For those who didn’t grow up in the 60’s surrounded by images of blonde California Girls such as  Christy Brinkley and Farrah Fawcett, you don’t know my pain. Brown-eyed and “blessed” with curly brown locks (not Chestnut, not fiery red) I was destined to hate my hair. I spent my twenties with it short, ignoring it’s existence; but have grown to rather enjoy hiding beneath it. We have since found a truce and I accept the fact that it is dry and porous, never sleek and cascading; more like springy and drifting.

Jen harrumphed and gently sat me upright. “Somehow, I’ve got no idea why, but for some reason, your hair is black.”

“I can live with dark, how dark?”

“Oh I didn’t say dark, I said BLACK as in you will look like Morticia  from the TV show The Adamms Family!”

Appointments were canceled for the evening and Jen set to work coaxing my hair back to something a bit less harsh without damaging it. Co-workers and clients filtered out until it was just the two of us. I know, this all sounds so vain and mundane. We spent hours trying to fix something so random. But we talked, and laughed, and were able to make good use of the time just relating. The lesson was this; if you can’t afford to “waste” it every once in a while – you really can’t afford it. The it was time apportioned to plans. Those plans could not have been as satisfying as the hours spent being vulnerable, chuckling with a friend.

In case you are wondering how it all turned out? My hair is an autumn, burnt umber shade that will never be achieved again.



14 thoughts on “Time well spent…”

  1. Oh dear. I used to use theatrical dye to change my hair to black every year for Halloween. Being a blond, this was always a shock to the newest people in my life. Your new color “autumn, burnt umber” sounds warm and perfect for this time of year.

  2. I always said you are unique and one of a kind…! I am sure you will carry it off beautifully. Sounds like an nice fall color!

  3. Hair dressers never knew what to do with my daughter’s hair because of the unruly curls. She is also at the keep it short stage (boys’ cut £10 rather than what i pay £40+ – and if I go for colour- well take out a bank loan!) I am a not so subtle silver (read grey) with a dip died blonde and brown end bits (read grown out and done nothing to it) and badly needs rescuing…high time to take the plunge me thinks…except she asks me what my hair care routine is…

    1. I’m stuck in a rut with color Cheryl. Much as I would love to stop and go grey, it would mean a year of living with the roots growing out or cutting it short to start all over. Vanity, I know but it is the last vestiges of having worked in the corporate world.
      Some day your daughter will love her curly hair!

  4. Oh, the similar hair woes. Twiggy was a good look then. Now, with any sort of flowing length I can pretend it’s fine. (The trick is to not look in a mirror and see that odd person?)
    My mom’t hair went black – she was blond as a child. Genetic are so fickle. Tried the hair color thing – too much time and scheduling and cost. Toughed it out to back to what it is. Oddly the brown is getting lighter and lighter (sun will do that…counting on it…) and the silver coming in is a bit like costly streaks ( most of it is out of my line of sight anyway. But drives the girl that cuts my hair crazy) Perhaps that Georgia O’Keeffe look. Got the silver/turquoise jewelry ready

  5. And that is precisely why I’m too scared to dye my hair. I hate being blonde but I just know if I tried to dye it I’d end up bright orange or green. As far as hair goes, mine is what it is, unruly and blonde.

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