Woman’s Day


The fragile pages give off the scent of dust and printing ink from January of 1959. Advertisements for floor cleaners, recipes for left-overs and fascinating articles revealing life of women fifty-six years ago. One piece promised to unveil the mysteries of  “How to make Skirts the NEW Way!” The cut-out and assemble, Woman’s Day Calendar for the new year, was a bonus feature; each month included inspirational bible quotes. Religion was as much a part of the media then, as sex is today.

They got me with GERMISOL! Does it get rid of “Outside” toys??!!


Wilson has cleaned out his mom’s house and saved this particular gem for me. It just happened that he stuck it in my mailbox the same day I also, spontaneously, received a free copy of People Magazine’s Fall Style Watch. I don’t do much watching of style here in New Hampshire. The general population shifts fairly seamlessly from t-shirts to plaid flannel and back again with the seasons.

Not exactly my idea of a “dream kitchen make-over” though it does remind me vaguely of my childhood…

Fifty-six years ago, this ad for “A New Idea In Smoking!” graced the back cover of the premier, female-oriented media. How did she get out on those rocks in the middle of a raging river in that dress?


It was a fascinating read. I pored over the skirt designs and sweaters I could knit for the whole family! A particularly engaging article schooled me in gestures that would make me look older.

Don’t lie! You tried to read this tiny type too!

DSC_1598 DSC_1600 DSC_1601

I looked diligently for two ads to compare over the years of media evolution. These two fit the bill.

DSC_1593 DSC_1605

Was life that much simpler and better? Or were we on the cusp of changes and just as anxiety ridden by that subtle shift as the disconnect of today? Communication: by book, magazine, by telegraph, telex, fax, letter and text. Advertising influencing how we view our bodies and life choices. Are there lessons to be learned from the distances leapt? By advances in the ability to communicate with each?


23 thoughts on “Woman’s Day

    • I really missed the mark on this one, Shellie. The Modess ad was for “feminine hygiene” products from 1959, they only hinted at what the product was with the tag line “because…” The ad with the skate board was from the PEOPLE Style Magazine that arrived the same day and was rather detailed about the same subject. That was the idea I was going for. Sorry for the confusion. Thanks for taking the time to read and comment!

  1. I love looking at “old” magazines and their ads. It is such visual clue as to how much society has changed. How many young women today do you think could sew their own skirts (hell, how many young women even wear skirts). I guess I am more old fashion that I thought, a large part of me really misses the simplicity.

  2. I remember that magazine. Truly, it makes me happy that I don’t waste my time reading magazines these days. Who needs to be told to knit the family sweaters or to gear-up my fashion sense? I’d rather read your analysis of them.

  3. What a total hoot, Martha. I nearly split a gut laughing at a few of these. Yes, how the heck did she get drip free out in the middle of that river – did he carry her?
    I love the kitchen, the colors, the perfect cake in the background.
    And I think my favorite is the Scandanavian sweaters. The male model’s face has me snorting. All the photos are really a stitch. What a treasure to find these.

  4. What an interesting look back in time. I remember looking at my sisters magazine when I was small and they seemed to be much like this one although a few years later. How times have changed.m

  5. Loved it! That kitchen was my favourite, and it will probably come back into fashion soon. They must have lowered that girl into the centre of that steam by helicopter!

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