A house of cards, signs of the times…

I went searching for a credit card while shopping online tonight. This has become a rare occurrence for me. The old me was such a good customer to high-end, start-up online stores (such as Gilt.com, FAB and Spehora) they actually sent me postcards when my orders dried up!

Daily excursions into the world of available things I didn’t know I needed was my meditation and yoga. Morning emails, like a BFF checking in, appeared in my inbox  inviting me to stop by and get an early jump on those luxurious but limited bargains. My size/color/choice could be sold out if I didn’t at least take a quick peek. And I did. My UPS and Fed Ex delivery drivers would hang the boxes from trees in plastic bags on days the snowplow hadn’t made it up the driveway.

As I shuffled through the plastic deck of cards in my wallet, an odd vision came to mind. I have noticed a local fashion statement. A certain segment of the population seems infatuated with the odd little mini-cards. They dangle in lumpy wads from key chains declaring, “I can have what I want at the swipe of this special little card.” They remind me of the badges of honor skiers have with their tags; letting the world know where they have conquered some snow in exotic places  The mini-cards, mostly customer loyalty reward programs, seem to indicate, “Hey! I’m a SHOPPER!!”

There are many cards in my wallet:


  • the useless Obama-care insurance card,
  • the HP printer ink reminder card,
  • a couple of ancient gift cards from AMEX and TARGET;  I have no idea where they came from or what they are worth, if anything.

But this card stands out. It bought me anything but membership, and it rewarded me with life-changing bravado. It is my USEA membership card.


It was the last year I was an active member in the U S Eventing Association; the last year Night and I competed. The photo is not of us but when I look at it, I tend to picture us in my mind’s eye…


12 thoughts on “A house of cards, signs of the times…

  1. Oh, my. You’ve nailed it with this: “They remind me of the badges of honor skiers have with their tags; letting the world know where they have conquered some snow in exotic places ”
    Fall off the chair funny, it’s so right.
    That last car? Priceless. (Frame it – some people say objects hold more than their face value. It’s the spirit thing – hold fast)

  2. I remember when the first of those loyalty rewards cards came out, lots of conspiracy theories about you and your purchases being tracked. Perhaps there is some truth to it, I never quite understood how having a free piece of plastic should allow me to get a special price while the next person in line paid more for the same object. At one point, I had so many of the darn things, it was weighing down my keys. Thank goodness now there is an app for that!

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