Honored to serve…

Presidential primary politics are raging all around. There are at least two interruptions per night whose caller ID reads ‘OPINION POLL” and so many more recorded voices encouraging my vote in their direction.

I am quite sure my opinion and vote are a very small drip of grease on the machine that strives to control the wealth and direction of this economy we call America. When called upon to serve in a small, very local way, however, I feel humbled by the responsibility.

Last Fall I was invited to join, then voted in by the general membership, to serve on the board of directors of the Greater Peterborough Chamber of Commerce. It is a small version of government by the people. Like so many organizations, it thrives through volunteers who get up early for a meeting before work or stay out late during the week to attend to events, membership drives and promotions. I have served on other boards in the past. Prior to “retirement” I was the president of the Boston Chapter of NIRI (National Investor Relations Institute). There are times when I kick myself, occasions when I don’t want to give up my “free time” to focus on short staff/financial strains/committee reports. Then I step into the situation and am reminded that so much can be done when like-minded people put aside their own agendas and just give time to a group with a mission.

You want to see the your home region promoted? You wish for local economic health? You think grassroots efforts can’t impact daily life? Join The Lions, The Rotary, The Chamber of Commerce or the PTA. Put yourself out there to do something for your immediate world, regardless of how little it will impact the rest of the planet.


11 thoughts on “Honored to serve…

  1. Right now we are inundated with BREXIT propaganda. In a few weeks we have to vote in the referendum whether to stay in Europe or quit. Both sides of the debate are using scare tactics and figures they have obviously made up. It’s an insult to the intelligence as no one can possibly know what will happen either way. Even the president of the USA, no less, was on TV telling us what to vote. My vote is a postal one, already made and sent. I can’t wait until it’s over so I can stop listening to all the posturing and dire warnings,

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