Useless Spring Chores

It’s 25°s cooler today than the day before, still a balmy 68° but overcast and humid. In the distance, through the woods comes the muffled sound of a lawn mower as a neighbor begins the weekly ritual of trying to create a green space out of granite. The Ravens murmur to each other as they silently swoop overhead and the crickets thrum as they will for their short lives.

New and repaired screens are installed, final three pots are planted with saucy yellow flowers and the garage is swept. My list grows shorter and I take a break to step out onto the freshly stained, front deck and admire my little homestead. Splashes of color are appearing amid the overgrown patches I consider my gardens.

DSC_0010 (1)DSC_0024

I’m not sure what tree is shedding these blooms, I suspect the giant oaks, but like the leaves in Fall, suddenly they are carpeting all the clean spaces.


They cling to spider webs and dance in the slightest breeze.


They curl around the corners of every chair and table, leaving a dusty mustard-colored silt. I grabbed a broom and made a stab at ridding the deck of them. It was like pushing snow. The broom clogged and I immediately lost interest. A useless spring task indeed. I think I will just wait for the rain to wash them away…


16 thoughts on “Useless Spring Chores

  1. Perhaps I should get you a leaf blower for your birthday? Makes house cleaning so easy!!! Oh, also good for outdoors….!

  2. Please send some warm weather our way! We have had to put the heating back on, back to winter jammies and dressing gowns, tights, umbrellas and is freezing!

  3. These plentiful little nuisances do indeed come from oak trees Martha, and they’re the bane of anyone with a large deck/porch/driveway. We call them “Oak worms” for their shape as well as the fact that they get into every nook and cranny. But, as Doppleganger says, a blower is the ticket – a broom is a losing battle. Just wear a mask. ~James

  4. Balmy. Sound exotic and so far away. Refreshed by the purple flowers.
    Those horrid oak worms – sometimes you need shovels! I’d offer some strong storms to wash those away, but you’d probably, wisely, refuse the “gift”
    Sounds lovely there.

  5. You can use my leaf blower any time you want. Hell, if I’m around, I’ll do it for you! The lupines are beautiful. I am really getting my fill of them up in this neck of the woods. Lol at Gallivance, oak worms…and if Phil lives anywhere near Texas, while I’d be happy to take some of their rain to wash away the “worms” I good strong shower is all I want!

  6. Oh this is so beautiful, so sweet. I love the patterns of the plant carpet and love that you noticed and enjoyed enough to photograph and share with thers. It really us the simple things in life…. That seems to be the theme for me today.


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