Wash, Rinse, Repeat…

I reached home mid-afternoon. The phones at the office were breaking up making it impossible to conduct any business and the day hadn’t been terribly productive. “Voy – Ppp!!  Voice Over IP!” I shouted to Christie as she tried to make someone in technical support understand our system.  Ah, for the days of expensive office parks with all reliable communication perks! It was Friday but I wasn’t feeling a lot of TGIF spirit. Though it was 70° the air felt chilled and moist. The gardens and yard are overgrown and desperately in need of cutting and trimming. Dandelions waved their seed covered domes over the shaggy crabgrass and the heavy new leaves of spring shaded a weak sun.

Every surface in the house is clouded with dusty, golden pollen. I looked around in despair, “Too much cleaning for the moment, Alice.” I sighed. Up to my office where a sheaf of envelopes teetered on the corner of my desk; first-of-the-month bills awaiting my pen and checkbook. Nothing was lightening my mood so why not get that simple task off my list? Needless to say, finances only served to diminish my positive energy.

“A nap is in order! When it all seems too much, time for a restorative escape!” Alice harumphed and settled next to me on the couch. Naps are a major part of her day but at least she had company. The washing machine chugged in the background.

About 1/2 an hour into my siesta, the roar of machines had Alice leaping over the back of the couch and on high alert at every window. Sure enough, the sweet smell of fresh-cut grass rushed in. Ah, now maybe I should attack some of the dust since snoozing is over. June, like every month, brings its mundane tasks; though in March this month glowed in my imagination with the promise of Summer


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